Sander van Doorn Returns to Trance with New Project

sander van doorn

Many modern EDM fans know Sander van Doorn for his progressive house, big room, and now future house sound. Did you know that before all of that Sander van Doorn was a revered trance artist? In 2017, Sander has decided to return to the genre where he got his start with a sound that is “sharper, darker, and rougher”.

Sander will be debuting this new trance project at the new Australian trance event, Istoria. The project is formally called P.Haze 1 & P.Haze 2, and will consist of classics with some new music as well. He calls this the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll, and the project will be revealed in phases 1. Sander van Doorn will not change his namesake project, but he does plan on touring with his new trance project. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new venture.

Source: thetranceproject