Life in Color 2017 Slims Down For A Supersized Experience

life in color 2017
Credit: Life in Color Media Team

Bigger isn’t always better, and Life in Color 2017 took that message to heart for its 10th Anniversary. The LiveStyle (formerly SFX) owned festival company puts on its flagship event in January in Miami, but this year the festival slimmed down and brought its paint to Wynwood. For 2017 there might not have been a ferris wheel, but there was plenty of good times to go around.

There were 3 very distinct stages offering something for everybody. The mainstage played on the arty industrial vibe of the Wynwood area, for an impressive result that topped 2016’s somewhat silly inflatable lion stage. From the mainstage revelers were treated to dope sets from Mija, Seven Lions, Diplo, and the red hot Marshmello. The RARE stage hosted the turn up squad as Carnage and his friends led the day. Attendees remarked that the amount of paint was toned down this year, and only really launched into crowds at the mainstage. For festival veterans, the general consensus is the less paint the better. Clearly those looking for the colorful paint had more than they knew what to do with.

Life in Color took a bit of a risk in downsizing on its 10th Anniversary, but in today’s festival environment only the strong survive. Big bloated festival properties did not do well in 2016, and SFX knows that better than anybody. Chalking up a win for LiveStyle, Life in Color sold out this year and showed that it has what it takes to continue on for years to come. Get ready as Life in Color hits the road to tour across the US in 2017.