The Chainsmokers have had nothing but success this past year, and began 2017 with a massive bang. The DJ duo just played their largest headlining show to date at the Los Angeles Convention Center, being the second electronic event in the venue’s 45 year history. The show has been highly anticipated by fans since they first announced the event in late October. The Chainsmokers put on the show of a lifetime to a sold out crowd with monumental visuals, stunning production and a larger than life stage presence that laid the foundation for an unforgettable night.

Besides playing all of the hits that skyrocketed them to success, The Chainsmokers decided to wow fans one last time by, dare I say, bringing Backstreet back. Special guests Backstreet Boys reunited to do a live performance of a few songs from our late 90s/early 2000s past. This fan caught video captured the hysteria and excitment of the crowd as they performed some of their biggest hits:

The Chainsmokers also debuted a new song that they have been hinting at for a month. We thank the fan who was able to capture the entire song on video for all of us to enjoy:

The track “Paris” has been well received and has heaped much praise from fans at the show and on social media. Paris is identifiably slower and much more mellow than most of their other music, but sheds new light on The Chainsmokers’ flexible talent and songwriting ability. The vocals, lyrics, and melodious tone is an invigorating change of pace for the duo. The official release date for “Paris” is still unknown, but will most likely be revealed soon. I guess its safe to say that we can anticipate another successful year for The Chainsmokers. Stay tuned!