Amsterdam Dance Event Announces 2017 Dates

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has announced their 2017 event dates, along with some more exciting global news. The five-day electronic music conference will be held October 18-22nd, bringing in over 375,000 attendees, 5,500 speakers and 2,200 artists taking over Amsterdam’s best venues. The conference has created a platform for artists, DJs and producers from nearly every sub-genre to come in, learn, create and explore new music from around the world.

Amsterdam is known as a hub for some of the best electronic music and for always being at the front lines pushing the next wave of innovation. Octave One mentioned that they love the level of talent and respect for music that ADE brings in and it “makes us work harder for it because they’re exposed to a lot more.”  In terms of industry talent, for 22 years ADE has been bringing in the best in the business.

Now, even more creatives can partake in the magic.  In February, ADE is going abroad offering programs through their Global Sessions Mumbai event while also coproducing India’s Biggest Guestlist Club Festival.  The company can also be found in March in Austin, Texas putting on showcases at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW).  Now more than ever, ADE is making it easier for music professionals and fans alike to coalesce and revel in exceptional talent.

You can watch a video following some of last year’s artists below!