Steve Angello Sued By Nanny Claiming Slave-Like Working Conditions

steve angello

This is certainly not the Swedish House Mafia story you tend to hear about lately. Far from talking about any reunions, Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello is being sued by his former nanny. The nanny claims Steve tricked her into moving to Sweden and treating her like a slave. The woman, originally from LA, relocated to Sweden for $50,000 a year to look after the family.

She claims she was promised a schedule and workload that would remain the same after the move, but that when she got there she was working 24 hours a day for 3 weeks and living in a hotel room with Steve’s 2 daughters. She claims that after she spoke up, she was fired. Now she’s suing for lying about job duties, failure to pay overtime, and wrongful termination.
In response, Steve Angello reported that the reason the nanny was actually fired is that she was drinking on the job. Apparently, while Steve was on tour his mother spotted the nanny at a bar with his 4 and 6 year old daughters. Steve had given the nanny an expense credit card, which showed visits to that bar 3 days in a row. In her defense, the nanny says it was a restaurant and she only ordered 1 beer each time.

Steve said he plans to counter-sue the nanny, saying:

“You can’t say you work like slaves when you have chefs, driving around in luxury vehicles, flying first class. She didn’t even wash her own clothes.”

Steve Angello’s wife, Isabel Adrian, had her own harsh words for the former nanny.

And here we go again! I don’t complain about being public until stuff like this happens. It’s a shame that someone would want “celebrities” or “Public figures” to pay “shut up money” or “fuck off money” like some people call it . Anything to get the mouth shut… We’re not brought up like that over here in sweden. We’re brought up with dignity, self-respect and respect for others. We have once again been accused by someone to have “fired them incorrectly”.. I am a mother of two. I’d die for my kids. I’ll stop anything in harms-way of my kids. I’ll take a Bullit, I’ll fight a dragon and I’ll definitely fight a nanny that was caught drinking alcohol on the job! No one should go through this in their entire life. A mother shouldn’t have to defend the wellbeing of their kids! I’m tired of people fighting for an extra dollar and tying to shame us in media to make a buck! Im never gonna roll-out the red-carpet to anyone mistreating my family! – if “fired on the spot” means that we did a crime you could happily call me a criminal! I’d do it again a thousand times to protect my kids from evil! I might be a public figure but I’m not gonna pay anyone off that has put my kids in a dangerous situation! That’s it for me. Never piss off a Mother!

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