Global music streaming giant Spotify has signed a new partnership with Australian background music specialist Nightlife Music to offer an innovative product that could transform the way music is enjoyed in public spaces. The pair is developing an application, “crowdDJ“, which will allow Spotify users to listen to their favorite tracks in a variety of venues, including restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos, pubs and even cruise ships. The partnership, according to the Financial Review, will be announced this week.

crowdDJ will operate like a virtual jukebox, allowing users to make song selections from their own Spotify accounts that overlap with the establishment’s preset playlist. In this way, users will be able to directly influence the venue’s ambiance, without deviating too far from its desired or characteristic atmosphere.

Nightlife Music co-founder, Mark Brownlee, shared that the current beta-phase of crowdDJ took five years and $10 million worth of research and development, but is now installed in over 250 Anytime Fitness clubs.

Michael Richardson, Spotify’s head of Business Development Asia-Pacific, offers his insight into crowdDJ:

“We have an open-platform API to encourage innovators like these guys to change the way people interact with music…Nowhere else in the world can people choose their own music in a venue by connecting through their Spotify account. And if they like what they hear, they can take the playlist home with them.”

The partnership may be the first of many opportunities for music app developers to integrate their products into Spotify’s platform and consumer-base. There seems to be endless potential for how crowdDJ can entertain Spotify’s 100 million global users and strengthen the streaming giant’s service offering.