Christian Thomas, Prince.L, Ne. Hau – Kill Switch

Kill Switch

Christian Thomas, Prince.L, Ne. Hau – Kill Switch

This isn’t the first time Ne. Hau and Christian Thomas have collaborated on a production. “On My Own”, featured on the Complete Guide to Clubbing compilation from P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records, the collective whom are based in Denver, Colorado, came out at the end of August.

To close out the year with style, they decided to join forces again for a three-track production titled the Kill Switch EP. First on the bill is the dark downtempo dub with a splash of tribal house called “Wanna Boom Boom” feat. Nubu: another artist featured on the “Own My Own” tune mentioned above. Continuing along the dingy edge of the house spectrum, “I Believe” appropriates a swinging drum kit selection nestled in with a simplistic, yet effective bassline to keep the listeners drawn in, trying to anticipate when the drop will come to pass. The title track “Kill Switch” brings the other collaborator Prince.L into the mix with an obvious shift in genre inspiration as a more consistent kick drum and a slightly lighter tone, with a smooth guitar atmosphere created with the subtle arrangement that is laid down.

As of right now, the EP is doing very well, landing at number nine on the Beatport minimal charts so go snag your copy out on Draft LTD today!

Christian Thomas, Prince.L, Ne. Hau | Beatport