Apple AirPods Are Finally Shipping Out


One of Apple’s latest products, Airpods, has now finally started shipping out to customers after a delayed launch. While they were announced with a bang, they appear to have begun shipping with a near silent whimper. Delays plagued the release and shipping delays are still expected.

The Airpods which are wireless headphones were announced in September when the iPhone 7 was announced as well. They offer a convenient alternative to wired headphones and the iPhone 7 also has no headphone jack, so obviously Apple wanted to bring these two to the public at the same time. They were expected to start shipping in October and clearly that has not happened. Thankfully, they are available now and Apple says if you order some today, they will arrive on December 21st. Sounds like perfect timing for everyone’s Christmas gifts. They start at 160$ for a pair and you can head over to Apple’s website to learn more.