Manager of Axwell ^ Ingrosso Reveals Album Information

Speculation about a debut release from Swedish house act Axwell ^ Ingrosso has been under the microscope of dance fans since the Swedish House Mafia side project began in 2014. The duo has released singles, remixes, played festivals and shows but have not made a legitimate announcement for an album debut. Not to mention rumors of a supposed SHM reunion in 2017 that have been build up since they officially called it quits in 2013.

As of yesterday, the uncertainty of an official release from Axwell ^ Ingrosso is over. The band’s manager Amy Thompson, who also managed Swedish House Mafia, let it slip via twitter replying to a tweet from a fan that the duo will announce an album release date in January 2017, as well as it being their “biggest year”:


As the “biggest year” for Axwell ^ Ingrosso approaches, stay tuned for anything they may have in store for us.