Election Day 2016 is here and if you live in America, you have probably heard more than enough about the presidential race, the candidates and the scandals. But, as an American citizen, you have also been made aware of how not every American out there actually votes. Not enough people participate in voting and that’s been a problem for America, so others have gotten creative in motivating others to get out and vote.

A hashtag, #WeDanceWeVote, has been started on the internet and many or dance music’s biggest names have been using it on Twitter to get fans out there to vote. Artists like Diplo, Destructo, Tommy Trash and Mija realize that most of their fan base is young people (millenials) and we are the future of the country. Check out some tweets below.

It’s also nice to see promotions about voting without being hit over the head with the preferred candidate of the speaker. Dance music fans come in many forms, after all.