3LAU Raises Over $200,000 For Charity Through Blume


3LAU is a true man for charity. Also known as Justin David Blau, the artist has raised over $200,000 for Pencils of Promise through Blume, the charity label he started up earlier this year. Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organization that helps with the building of schools, scholarship funding and training of teachers.

Just three years ago, 3LAU raised about $25,000 for the same charity. This year, he wanted to reach a new goal of $100,000 and he actually was able to double that! Curious to know how Blume works? Well 3LAU goes a little in depth on how he raises the money in his recent interview with US Weekly.

“The way BLUME works is every song that’s streamed — so far there have only been two, which have both been my songs ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Fire’ — raises about a half of a cent”. Which it doesn’t seem like that much, but when you multiply it by millions, and these songs are getting millions of plays, every million plays on Spotify raises about $4,000.”

You can listen to 3LAU’s new single “You Want More“, which features vocals by YouTube star MAX below. The plays it receives on Spotify will also benefit PoP.

3LAU feat. MAX – You Want More | Spotify