Warning Issued To Avoid Pink “Superman” Pills


Drug use is often a controversial topic within the dance scene, with ravers constantly divided by their support or opposition to substances. If you’re one of the proponents of experience-enhancing pills, the most important thing to remember is to use safely.

In steps to promote the safety of event attendees, the Trimbos Institute in Holland has issued a red-alert warning regarding the recent circulation of a pill being falsely labeled as ecstacy.


The dangerous pill, which is pink and stamped with the Superman logo, has been found to contain a high dosage of Paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA), and not MDMA as it’s been marketed, according to tests run by the Drugs Information and Monitoring System.

The Trimbos warning explains PMMA differs from MDMA in that its effects are not felt until much later. They can first feel like a low dosage of MDMA, but then severe physical side-effects can also occur.

“Hours after a dose of PMMA is ingested, severe physical effects such as increased heart rate and extremely elevated body temperature may suddenly occur,” the release says.

Other side-effects may include liver and kidney failure.

The Institute warns drug-users to stay far, far away from this potentially lethal drug that killed four users in 2015.