shazam-mobile-appConstantly on the hunt for new tunes? Always wishing you could Shazam it and send it to friends quickly and easily? Your answer could be here.

Apple launched its newest App Store, the iMessage App Store, as a part of the iOS 10 rollout in September, allowing app developers to create programs users can use within the iMessage program. Earlier this week, Shazam announced that they are joining this app store with the launch of Shazam for iMessage.

The app allows users to Shazam tracks and share their findings with their friends via iMessage without ever actually having to leave the iMessage conversation. The process of track discovery works in the same way as the original Shazam app – just hit “Touch to Shazam,” which initiates the recognition process; the results will soon show up in the compose field of the message to make sharing simple. You’ll also be able to find the results in the Shazam app.

“We are very pleased to bring the new functionality of iMessage to our global audience. We are always working to improve our user experience with new technology, and we are excited to launch this feature with iOS 10. We think music fans will love how easy it is to share Shazams within a great conversation,” said Fabio Santini, Chief Product Officer at the company.