Safe in Sound Festival Snails Fort Lauderdale

Credit: Teaghan

In a world where your average festival ticket costs close to $200, there are still value experiences to be found. The minds that originally brought the world Identity Fest have come back together for the bass music Safe in Sound touring festival. Featuring artists like Borgore, Snails, and more the festival has something for bass heads all around America at a reasonable price.

Last weekend Safe in Sound touched down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with Terravita, LAXX, and Snails in tow. It might have been one of the smallest stops on the entire tour, but the energy levels at Revolution Live were off the charts. Terravita and LAXX did a great job at getting the crowd amped up with some heavy bass music that set the stage for what was to come. Finally Snails hit the decks and the crowd was explosive, headbanging along as he crushed a wide array of bangers. In fact, this writing had a distinct neck soreness the following day that can only be explained by uncontrollable headbanging. It’s safe to say that Safe In Sound Festival absolutely Snailed Ft. Lauderdale.