Nora En Pure – Tell My Heart ft. Dani Senior



Nora En Pure – “Tell My Heart” ft. Dani Senior

Nora En Pure has grown to be one of the most eclectic and impressive female DJs in the dance music scene, continually taking the world by storm with new tracks that will keep you dancing and asking for more. This time, she’s released her latest track on Spinnin’ Deep Records, titled “Tell My Heart.”

The track is a new take on her “Lake Arrowhead” track, with new vocals from UK singer Dani Senior that takes the track to a completely new level, creating a beautifully produced and catchy tune we expect to hear on many dance floors in the future. With the combination of the eloquent piano melody guiding you through the track and the vocals that will have you singing along, “Tell My Heart” is a mesmerizing love story we have on repeat.

Stream the track here or purchase here.

Nora En Pure – “Tell My Heart” ft. Dani Senior