Dusky – Outer LP


Dusky – Outer LP

The Dusky boys have done it again. Completely smashing another album, their first, Stick By This, rewrote the entire Anjunadeep playbook as genres are concerned. Their second LP, Outer, out on their imprint 17 Steps Recordings takes listeners on another journey, as the new genre-bending adventure showcases the duo’s progress as artists over the last five years.

Dusky has been far from static in between albums. Releasing numerous EPs, singles and even a few remixes including their interpretation of Justin Martin’s “Don’t Go” back in 2012. Starting things off, the first tune “All We Ever Need” is a combo of gentle swells and spared vocal hits that set the mood for what is to come. “Sort It Out Sharon” blends an explicit lyrical rap type flow with a heavy techno vibe followed immediately by a feature with Solomon Grey titled “Long Wait”, whom had their own striking album debut this year. “Ingrid is a Hybrid”, the first single of the new album, which dropped in April, has been on repeat on every pair of speakers I own since its debut for good reason. The vocals are capable of inciting a riot, that’s how good they are. Paired with a interesting drum kit selection and arrangement, there was a reason it was selected first to reveal their newest offering. Finally, “Spruce” gets a turn to wow the audience as this piano driven chilled production was the perfect way to end the album. A final crescendo if you will.

With the Anjuna family continually growing and pushing each other to expand their boundaries of musical production, i.e. the Cubicolor album specifically, don’t be surprised to hear another beautifully produced album from any one of the artists in the coming months as they continually are ahead of the curve in the electronic music sphere. The full album is listed below so go check it out for yourself!

Outer Tracklist:
1. All I Ever Needed
2. Tiers
3. Runny Nose
4. Trough
5. Sort It Out Sharon (feat. Wiley)
6. Long Wait (feat. Solomon Grey)
7. Songs Of Phase
8. Swansea (feat. Gary Numan)
9. Marble (vocals by Alfie Granger-Howell)
10. Ingrid Is A Hybrid
11. Spruce (feat. Pedestrian)

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