Cazzette – Static

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Cazzette – Static

Cazzette’s “Static” continues to push their legacy as one of the great dance music acts over the last five years. While never reaching the top tier (not many do), they’ve done very well at churning out hit after hit.

The crisp piano lead line gives way to polished vocals very fitting for the production. Featuring the striking chords of Georgia Ku, the combined talents have struck pure gold with this single, a possible contender to rack up plays like “Together (Till The Morning)” featuring Newtimers which has amassed 1.92M streams on Soundcloud alone.

Progressively gaining speed with some intricately laid melodies, the trio of artists combined creativity has allowed them to forego the usual drop present in most songs similar in stature and composition by utilizing a variety of different techniques to bring us a fresh model of an electronic dance music track.

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