[WATCH] Dillon Francis Unveils Hidden iPhone 7 Charging Technique

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Apple’s controversial removal of the headphone jack from its recently released iPhone 7 has left the EDM community powerless to charge their new iPhones and listen to music at the same time…or so we thought. Dillon Francis, the “King of Moombahton”, released a tutorial video to his social media followers demonstrating how to charge your iPhone 7’s battery by yelling into its wireless headphones.

The 28-year old L.A. resident explains that “there’s no headphone jack because they needed to make room for the [charging] fan that spins when you yell into your headphones.” During the video, Dillon exhibits both the high-pitched shrieks for fast-charging and low, guttural groans for slow-charging as described in his iPhone 7 manual. Why anyone would prefer to charge their iPhone’s slowly, Dillon wonders, remains unanswered.

It’s clear that the DJ’s fire expertise with technology is rivaled only by his recent single, “Anywhere – (ft. Will Heard)”. Watch his tutorial video below and see if you can out-scream Dillon – maybe your phone will charge a little faster.