Ultra Music Festival Announces “Ultra Passport” Rewards Program

Ultra Passport Events Screen ShotFor those who are avid festivalgoers, you’re likely familiar with the fact that it tends to be a cringeworthy idea when one suggests adding up the funds you’ve spent attending events in the past. Sound familiar? Listen up, as this might make your wallet hurt a little less.

World-reknown company Ultra Music Festival has launched Ultra Passport, a program in which participants will become eligible for bonuses as they earn points for attending events. Those who join the program will also have access to exclusive early bird tickets. UMF also plans to incentivize consecutive visits to the various editions of their home festival and namesake via the platform, as well as make tickets to events in other countries available.

Along with this, various other benefits and offers will become available to individuals that sign up and participate in the program. Ironically, ticket registration for Ultra Music Festival, which happens March 25-26, 2017 in Miami, opened yesterday as well.

You can set up an account and give Ultra Passport a look here. Happy festivaling!