Sun City Music Festival 2016

sun city music festival

For a festival that does not have the big tent branding of an EDC or Mysteryland, Sun City Music Festival in Texas can compete in every way with the larger festivals. It offers impressive production provided and a really eclectic lineup of future tastemakers instead of stale overdone acts. One artist that I had never seen before and blew me away was Jeremy Olander. Having been a huge Eric Prydz fan I have always wanted to see Jeremy, because he is one of Eric’s rare proteges. He truly surpassed my expectations with a spellbinding set that you have to witness to believe. It’s hard to believe that after to going to dozens of festivals and events over the years this was the first time I was able to see him.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, another artist who I have seen countless times before but continues to blow me away is of course Skrillex who graced the mainstage. A friend in my group said that it was like Skrillex was controlling his body during that set, and I wouldn’t even call that an exaggeration. He had the entire crowd under his spell and blew minds with tons of unreleased material. Sonny is one of those rare artists that literally always lives up to the hype. Sun City Music Festival 2016 was one for the books and has me thinking ahead to LDW 2017 already.