Steve James Sits Down With Grammy Pro to Chat About Bieber, Garrix, and More

Steve James Steve James is right up there Porter Robinson, Madeon, Garrix, and any other prodigal producer that’s found success by or before the age of 18. It’s pretty special being in that club of under-21 successes, and very reassuring, given what they’ve all gone on to do. Even more impressive, is while we are all worried about exams, he’s working in the studio on Justin Bieber music, collaborating with Martin Garrix, and now apparently doing work with LIGHTS, and Matthew Koma.

During EDC Week, Steve had a moment to sit down with Grammy Pro to chat about his debut Vegas performance at Wet Republic (as an opener for his colleague Mr. Garrix), his now well-known origin story, the Bieber story, and more. The most promising portions of his time with Grammy Pro is the mentions of his time in the studio with other producers, singers, and songwriters. The first half of 2016 sounds like it was spent toiling away writing and producing music, which could turn into a number of amazing releases down the road later this year. I mean…a Koma x Steve James track, would be insane! He also talks about his connection to Garrix, which started simply online, and how its resulted in them collaborating on something we’ll heat (soon??). Time will tell!

Additionally, Steve James is set to take off on his first ever bus tour with Matoma, continuing his Senioritis Tour at Coda in Philly TONIGHT. Tickets and info HERE.

Senioritis Tour

[H/T]: YourEDM