Spotify, Tinder Partner To Find You a Date With Similar Music Taste

A picture of a young couple listening to music and playing with vinyl over white background


tinderThought you found your perfect online dating match – until you realized that they just don’t love Tiesto as much as you do? That’s about to change.

Tinder and Spotify announced a partnership on Tuesday that will allow you to find potential dating prospects with similar musical taste, as you will now be able to choose your own “anthem” from Spotify to display on your profile. The prospects who visit will be able to listen to the track without leaving the app, providing a seamless opportunity to create conversation and spark interest. You’ll also have the option to display your top Spotify artists on your Tinder profile.

Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder, explains the reasoning:

“Music is a big aspect of how people meet. You socialize around the music you love. It says a lot about your personality, what your interests are.”

As Tinder continues to dominate the online dating space with partnerships like this one, allowing for more user personalization options and opening the door to what could be a higher success rate in matches, we can only imagine what will come next. As for now, the biggest question that we’re all asking: what will your personal anthem be?