There Are Some Extremely Potent ‘Tesla’ Ecstasy Pills Floating Around


There are some potent ecstasy pills on the market right now and thanks to organizations like The Loop in the the UK, we are now aware of how strong they are and to be extra careful.

The pill, pictured above, is an orange pill pressed with the ‘Tesla‘ logo. Tesla has been an imprint on ecstasy for some time now, but the particular pills in question were just found this year and rumored to be common at EDC. Another company called Safer Party, which is based in Zurich, tested the pills and said they contain 240mg of MDMA, which is more than twice the average dose.

It’s news like this that has sparked discussions surrounding drug testing and awareness over the last few years. Currently, numerous stakeholders are begging to have testing allowed at festivals, but due to the current legalities, promoters cannot allow it without some sort of backlash from law enforcement. As always, we urge everyone to look out for each other and stay safe when you party.

Source: Stoney Roads