Lido Announces New “Everything” EP with Teaser Video

Last night, Lido posted a teaser video announcing the release of his upcoming “Everything” EP on October 7, 2016. Yes, stop right now and write it down, or just engrain it into your brain. Like with everything he does, Lido captivates during this short, emotionally-sourced video starring himself, his words, and his music. From electronic music production to full-on symphonic performances and now videography, he seems to be an unstoppable onslaught of creative talent, and there’s no doubt “Everything” will live up to our high expectations.


Since his first self-directed music video “Crazy”, it seems like Lido is increasing his dabble in the video arts. His passion does stir an effortlessly cinematic air to him, so we like the way this is headed. Music videos, film scores, movie trailers, we want it all from him. But until now, we all hold our breathes for “Everything” to release on October 7.