III Points Looks To Elevate The Music Festival Experience

III Points

When you hear the words ‘Miami’ and ‘Music Festival’ together, the first image that forms in your head probably involves neon tube tops, massive tent stages, and rainbow tutus. It’s easy to see why when EDM has been at the forefront of mainstream music and pop culture. Yet, what you probably don’t know is that for the past four years, another festival has steadily been growing in the heart of Miami, painting a new picture for live electronic music events and it goes by the name of III Points. Located in Miami’s burgeoning art district, Wynwood, III Points looks to creatively and synergistically combine the three elements of music, art, and technology together into one well-oiled machine. These distinct components work and feed off of each other to create a truly unique experience that goes beyond that of your standard adrenaline-filled, heart pounding festival.

For III Points, it begins with the music. If we are moving today towards what some have been dubbing the “post-EDM era”, then III Points is at the forefront of it. Unlike most music festivals, you won’t hear the commercial music performed by your standard push-play DJs, South Beach exists for that reason. See III Points looks to shed light on the other side of the electronic music spectrum. They bring in some of the world’s brightest names in electronica, tech and even some hip-hop, while also giving local Miami artists a platform to showcase their talents. LCD Sounsystem, Kink, Thievery Corporation, Flight Facilities, M83, Flying Lotus, Dusky and Method Man & Redman are just a few of the names that highlight III Points expansive lineup. For anyone looking to dive deeper past the shallow end of the electronic music pool, this could not be a more ideal place to begin.

III Points Lineup

The other two moving parts of the III Points machine are technology and art, often blurred together to creating unique and interactive experiences. Activations like the Virtual Reality lounge look to enhance your music experience by taking you on a journey to Mars. All the while other artists invite you to step into the internet to encounter their interpretation of a ‘Vaporwave Mall.’ Each installation, each “point” has a purpose and they all work to compliment each other to create stimulating candy for all of your senses. For III Points, the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” couldn’t be more true. This unique approach in creating such an engaging ordeal is what separates III Points from other festivals and makes it an event not to be missed. We’re only two weeks away from this year’s edition and both single day tickets and three day passes are still on sale, so get them now while you can, you won’t regret it.