‘I Am The Elephante’ EP Debuts Atop Chainsmokers, Kygo and DJ Snake on iTunes


I Am The Elephante

I Am The Elephante

It’s been a long time coming, folks. Tim Wu, best known by his stage name Elephante, has been cranking out massive tracks for years, exemplifying what it means to be on the grind and building a flourishing music career from the ground up. With origins in the remix realm, displaying excellent progressive house taste-making, Elephante made milestone switch to original works in the summer of last year and has tactfully followed the curve of the dance scene, finding a sound that’s truly unique to himself and bound by no genre. Since then he’s continued to be one of EDMTunes‘ favorite acts to follow, never ceasing to impress with million+ play tracks like ‘Closer‘. Today marks the release of Tim’s debut EP, ‘I Am The Elephante’, and it’s everything you could ever ask for.

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Comprised of a hefty 9 tracks, ‘I Am the Elphante’ features his biggest original releases yet, as well as some previously unreleased gems; in all this collection of songs was the result of over a year’s worth of work, as he weaves in sounds from his beloved prog days with everything from future, to trap, and hints of pop. With such a versatile tracklist, and array of featured artists including Bishøp and Lyon Hart, it’s no surprise to us that ‘I Am the Elephante’ has debuted with high praise, toppling the Chainsmokers Bouquet, Kygo‘s Cloud Nine, and DJ Snake‘s debut album Encore on iTunes Dance Chart. Looks like quitting the day job all the way back in 2013 has paid off, and that’s what we call living the dream.

Instead of giving you guys a breakdown of how the tracks go, we’re just going to ask you to check it out below, or stream it on Spotify (or whatever platform you so choose). It’s jam packed with everything you’ve come to love (or will come to love, for those of you Phante’ greenhorns) from the LA producer, and opens the door to a bright bright future. For those of you who wanna catch some of this heat in person, and see one of Elephante’s fantastic live shows, be sure to head over to his Facebook and check out his tour dates.

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