Houston’s Day for Night Festival to Feature Harambe Hologram


Tupac. Whitney Houston. Harambe. Oddly enough, these three names can now be grouped together. How, you might ask? This week, Houston’s Day for Night Festival announced they would feature a hologram of Harambe as part of their light installation. It seems Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was fatally shot earlier this year shall live on, virtually.

The Day for Night festival is known not only for its eclectic mix of sound, but also their artistic light experiences. As far as sound, this year the festival features Aphex Twin (off an 8 year hiatus for US shows), Odesza, Kaskade, Run the Jewels, Nick Murphy (Chet Faker), Travis Scott, Butthole Surfers, and more. For light installations, the festival will feature a variety of indoor and outdoor artistic visual experiences. As mentioned, one of which is said to be a hologram of Harambe.

What are your thoughts? Does this take a viral meme across the line? Or is this an appropriate direction for the way viral content is viewed today? Regardless of your thoughts, grab tickets here and check out this festival that is taking place this December for a definite unforgettable experience.