Goa Possibly Banning Large Music Festivals


The state government in Goa, India is now considering banning two huge festivals, VH1 Supersonic and Sunburn. The reason is the festivals happen between December 15th and January 15th, when there are already too many people coming into the country for New Years as tourists. Their infrastructure cannot handle the overload of people this time of the year.

Indian politician Dilip Parulekar spoke for the region’s government in an official statement:

“We are seriously thinking not to allow mega events like EDM festivals between December 15 and January 15 every year as the state witnesses a rush of tourists during that time who arrive here to usher in the New Year.”

The traffic and congestion is not worth the extra revenue brought in from these fests. Last year, Sunburn’s attendance reached 350,000 people during New Years week.