Dux’s Gorgeous ‘Remote Controlled Hobbies’ EP is a Hidden Gem

Dux's Gorgeous 'Remote Controlled Hobbies' EP is a Hidden Gem
Do you dig Funky, Electronic, Soul or Pop music? I’d assume you enjoy at least one of those, if not you’re probably not a music fan and don’t fit on this website anyways. Remote-Controlled Hobbies, a new EP by Los Angeles artist Dux shines light on just how multi-dimensional music is turning into by the day. The recently released 7 track release brings together all sorts of sounds and sub-genres that in the end comes together for one of the most feel-good EPs I’ve heard in a long while. There is a lot of really good production on here, and it’s a body of work that is ultimately trying to make music for the sake of making music, not to fit a mold for a flavor of the month genre. This one came out back in August, and simply didn’t get enough love – check out Remote Controlled Hobbies below.