Drew Taggart Of The Chainsmokers Takes A Spill During Recent Performance

During your first days of kindergarten, it’s highly likely that your teacher went over some pretty basic classroom rules. No matter where you’re from, running with scissors, eating glue and picking on a girl because you have a crush on her are examples of behaviours that are typically not allowed. Another great example is climbing on desks and tables, but it seems like Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers never got that memo.

During a recent performance, the “Closer” vocalist climbed up on the table (like he does at almost every show) to get the crowd extra hyped for the next drop. Unfortunately, the table ‘let him down’ and Drew fell right on his back. It looks like he took the blunder in stride and luckily for us, someone captured the laughable moment on video. Check out the clip below, courtesy of The Festival Owl.