Yesterday, electronic music fans were left scratching their heads after Beatport restructured its genres. The popular online music store added categories like ‘Big Room’ and ‘Future House’, but eliminated ‘Electro House’ in the process. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tracks had to be recategorized and it’s safe to say that some producers are not happy about it.

One of the more vocal artists in the industry, deadmau5, took to Twitter to address the shakeup. His music typically fell under the ‘Electro House’ category, which means that it would all be transferred over to ‘Big Room’. The dance music community often looks down upon big room, but according to deadmau5, he doesn’t really care about how Beatport classifies his songs. That being said, the mau5 did manage to take a few stabs at the website. He says Beatport “tanked” 5 years ago and that he thought about buying it before realizing it would be “a waste of money”.


Check out one of our favorite big room bangers from deadmau5 below.

H/T: Toronto Rave Community