Spotify Founder Hints at Soundcloud Acquisition

soundcloud acquisition

The streaming wars continue to rage on but we don’t need to sit here and pretend that Tidal or Apple Music are on the tip of anybody’s tongue. Spotify is the market leader, but Soundcloud still holds a special spot in the hearts of music lovers despite its financial woes. It appears that Spotify Founder and CEO David Ek realizes this fact also, and does not want to miss out on that love.

In an interview with Swedish TV Ek gave a glimpse into Spotify’s long term plans, and it sounds an awful lot like Spotify would like to emulate if, if not outright purchase, Soundcloud.

”Today Spotify has two million artists on its platform. To us, the next ten years is all about enabling these artists to make a living out of their music, and connect them with a new audience. Today our users say ”introduce me to new music”. What the artists say is ”help me finding my audience”. Essentially, that’s two sides of the same coin. 

Yes, trying to connect them [artists and audiences] and finding opportunities for artists to express themselves and for users to give feedback to the artists.”

The type of feature set that Ek describes here is exactly what Soundcloud offers, that is a direct link between artist and listener. On top of the intriguing discussion is the fact that Soundcloud has been rumored to be for sale. Could we someday see our two favorite streaming brands under one roof? Watch the interview below and judge for yourself.

Source: Nordic Business Insider