Prince Fox feat. Michelle Buzz – Oxygen

One of EDM’s most promising young talents, Prince Fox, is back with his impressive new single, “Oxygen,” featuring Michelle Buzz on vocals. The New York based DJ and Producer has already had a busy year, with a jam-packed show schedule, and some killer collaborations, including his track “Fragile” with Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld; “Oxygen” continues this hot streak, with high quality production and touching and affecting vocals. In addition, this track serves as more than just another release for Prince Fox; it is meant as a tribute to a family member he lost due to lung cancer. He explains:

The inspiration behind the song was the people in our lives who were taken from us by lung cancer. It tells both a literal and metaphorical love story, ‘When my lungs cave in, be my oxygen,’ being the crux of that. For me, it was my God-Grandmother, Shirley. She is the reason I got so into production and why I am what I am. – Prince Fox

With a touching backstory, trademark Prince Fox sound, and the impressive Michelle Buzz on vocals, “Oxygen” should please Prince Fox’s ever-growing fanbase, and is a great example of the potential this young producer boasts.