Nicky Romero Channels Journalism Skills with Unassuming Fans at Tomorrowland

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero may be a successful DJ/ producer, but what many people may not know about him is that he can also be a funny guy. Putting on a fake mustache and sunglasses, he went undercover as a journalist to ask attendees of Tomorrowland about their experiences. Although a number of people were fooled by his disguise, it was only a matter of time until his fans recognized who he was and began asking for selfies and handshakes. Their excitement was naturally understandable as it sometimes seems like meeting big artists is out of reach. The video allows viewers to see Romero speaking his native tongue while also reading what they are saying with the help of closed captions. While his costume did not keep him undercover for very long, it sure seemed like he had a fun time nonetheless.