It Looks Like Martin Garrix Will Be This Year’s #1 DJ

Even though voting for the DJ Mag Top 100 2016 doesn’t come to a close until September 14th, the planning for the big reveal is already well underway. So far underway in fact, that AMF might have accidentally let slip the #1 DJ before the polls close. Sounds like DJ Mag and the DNC operate in a similar fashion. The Amsterdam Music Festival flier for the big reveal was just posted and includes all of the big names you would expect to be in contention such as Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, and last year’s #1 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Curiously, the flier also says “special guest appearance by the new number 1 DJ in the world” at the bottom.

So to recap, it’s a NEW #1 DJ and it’s not one of the previously listed names. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the new #1 DJ is going to be Dutch wunderkind Martin Garrix. After the awkwardness of last year, it’s not surprising that DJ Mag would want a feel good kind of winner. Despite differing opinions on the topic, nobody can deny that young Martin works his tail off and has put out a steady stream of beloved productions. At least we can all put that whole iPad voter fraud behind us, since we have plenty of new voting concerns to worry about this year in the US. There’s a tiny chance we’re wrong on this, but let’s give a big congrats to Martin Garrix either way.