Is Skrillex Reuniting with Old Band From First to Last?


Rumors have been floating around recently that the band From First to Last may be reuniting with their former vocalist. Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex was the lead singer for the band before jumping over to the electronic scene and completely taking it over. On his recent OWSLA Beats 1 Radio, Skrill played what he called a “bonus track,” leaving us with no other information.

Shortly following the show, the band’s social pages linked to Skrillex’s show, and fans quickly started noticing that the sound of the bonus track was very similar to From First to Last’s old material from Skrillex’s days as their vocalist. From First to Last has professionally moved on from Sonny after losing him years ago to his other musical ventures, but clearly their personal relationship remained intact over the years. If this bonus track is indeed what it’s rumored to be, fans of FFTL would love to see him back for some songs, or at least a performance. Check out the link to the radio show below and give the mysterious bonus track a listen.