Hitting The Books With Hyperbits: Week 6


Over the past month and a half, the students attending Hyperbits’ Summer MasterClass have learned more about music production than we all could have thought possible. No synth has been omitted and every sonic avenue has been explored, and now we are onto the other side of music that most people don’t even consider: marketing. This week’s content focused primarily on getting your music out there, and into the right hands of people. Anything from fan retention, to promo lists, to getting your music onto blogs were all mentioned in this week’s content.

Another gem of this week was that Serik, Hyperbits, broke down an entire production start to finish for us. We got a chance to see inside the processes that go into making an entire fleshed out track, but there was no way I could cover such an in-depth breakdown in such a post like this.

One thing that I can mention is Serik’s focus on how important it is to build a website for your artist profile. For the reasons I will list below, it is essential that every up and coming producer establish a website as early as possible. Here is why:

1 – Legitimacy: Having a professional looking website gives credibility to all content you produce. Anything from YouTube tutorials, to tour dates, and even music has a well established and legitimized home once you create a website.

2 – Brand Core: Your website acts as the foundation for your aesthetic. While similar images can be spread across your different social media platforms in terms of images and colors, your website is where it all starts from.

3 – Total Control: Though I doubt it will happen anytime soon, all of artists go-to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have the possibility to collapse. All those Instagram followers you slaved away at accruing could be useless if the platform becomes untrendy. But if you can find a way to make your own website a staple in people’s browsing, you have 100% control over that. You owe that internet space, and no amount of trendiness or passing fads can take that away.

4 – Email Lists: Your website will help act as an aggregator for collecting emails. Every artist’s goal should be to start accumulating emails for a list as rampantly as possible to help boost exposure, leverage tracks, and keep the fan base informed.

The whole idea of having a website was the core foundation of what we talked about throughout this week, from which everything else spring boarded. It was fascinating learning about how to play the HypeM game, or how to use fan gates to organically boost your following. Next week we start moving further into the content and learning about mastering. For more information regarding Hyperbits’ upcoming masterclasses as well as informative webinars, head over to his website to learn more!