Gareth Emery Is Taking A Break From Social Media

Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery recently got on Facebook to let us know of a slight change he’s making in his life. He has decided to take a break from all social media for a while, saying he will go back to a Blackberry cell phone that can only make phone calls. I think we’ve all heard this before from people, especially from friends and we know its not always successful.

But we know Gareth is a since and determined guy, so I don’t expect him to be on social media for too long. The reason behind it is the same reason most people take a break its just taking up too much of his time and life. In a Facebook post, he reminds us why he is even a DJ with thousands of followers, his goal is to make music, music that can change lives. He says getting off the internet will allow him to get back to doing that as much as he wants to because that’s what he wants to be remembered as. Check out the Facebook post below.