Disclosure Live Streams An Intimate Vinyl-Only Set From Guy’s Kitchen

Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure know how to push the boundaries of electronic music. Emerging from the shadows in 2012 with their “Tenderly”/”Flow” single in January 2012 all the way to a couple of months ago with their EP Moog for Love, which surely won fans back after their Caracal full length album which dabbled a little too much on the pop side of the industry for some, they have taken the world by storm in a way not many have in the dance music sphere. On Wednesday, they continued to surprise us by letting us into their personal lives. A very humble move that included a 2.5 hour vinyl only set in Guy’s kitchen featuring the older brother as he slung a variety of records with Jimpong joining in on the imitate gathering. Go and enjoy this offering to set the mood for this mid-August weekend.