You Can See Every DJ Playing at Burning Man Right Here

rock star librarian

Ah, the elusive Burning Man – an annual week-long event that takes place in Black Rock City, Nevada that brings about 70,000 attendees to The Playa. This festival brings about some of the most breathtaking art, music and people from around the world, including some of the most amazing DJs that play through the sunrise.

Kate Houston, also known as The Rock Star Librarian, has put together just about every publicly-known DJ lineup over the course of the event from the theme camps and mutant art cars and compiled them into one master PDF that will make your life on The Playa a hell of a lot easier. This does not include the acts or art cars whose lineups are meant to remain stealth, as she notes at the beginning, but it is an unbelievably well-rounded document regardless.

Houston started this endeavor when she started a Kickstarter, where she surpassed her goal of over $5,000 to create the guide. On the site, she writes:

“The Rock Star Librarian (RSL) Music Guide connects you to Black Rock City’s booty shaking beats and live music jams.Every listing that has appeared in this guide has been no easy feat, but it’s all been worth it when I see your happy smiles and dusty dancing out on the playa.”

Regardless of whether or not you’ll be on The Playa next week, dig through the guide and see all of the amazing artists that are about to adventure into the desert. Check it out here.