Armin van Buuren Confirms Upcoming Gaia Album

Armin van Buuren may be one of the busiest people in dance music, always working on an album, singles, or remixes. It feels like so recently we got his latest studio album, Embrace, but now we are about to get the remix album as well. However, the trance purists have always dogged Armin about the possibility of a full on Gaia album. For those unfamiliar, Gaia, is Armin’s harder trance alias he does in collaboration with Rank 1’s Benno de Goeij. Gaia sets feature the two shrouded in cloaks dropping pure trance magic without any of the big room elements Armin embraces (get it?) in his regular productions.

Recently, we’ve been lucky to get 1-3 Gaia productions per year, but that’s all about to change. Today Armin did a live Facebook Q&A from Creamfields and dropped a bombshell for the trance family.

It’s hard to overstate just how exciting this is for trance music, because many Armin fans believe that Armin is almost a split personality between his aliases. While some have grown sour over Armin’s productions recently, the passion for the Gaia productions and sets remains strong. The expectations are going to be sky high for this one. You can check out the full Q&A below.