Scientists Discover Potential Cure for Hearing Loss

hearing loss

We all know that hearing aids can help individuals who are impacted with hearing loss, but scientists may have finally discovered a way to reverse complete hearing impairment. While we humans are not part of the list of various animals who can regenerate sensory hair cells on their own, dedicated researchers have found a way for us to possess such magnificent skills.

Dr. Albert Edge and his team of scientists demonstrated a class of notch inhibitors that can generate new hair cells. After studying the side effects this drug had on Alzheimer’s patients, they realized that it was exactly what they were looking for and began testing lab mice. Thanks to the EU’s Unions Horizon 2020 fund, the scientist can now test their studies in human trials. While it is still an incredibly new concept and may be awhile before concrete solutions are presented, we can rest easy knowing that one day there will be a cure for hearing loss. Technology continues to move forward, and so will everybody’s love for music, nature, conversations between friends and more.

Source: Dancing Astronaut