Marshmello Opens for Demi Lovato and Previews New Track

Bursting in to the scene out of nowhere, Marshmello has gone from unknown to near-headliner status within the span of a year. It’s rare to see a DJ/producer rise to stardom so fast, but having the support that Marshmello has in the industry from all of his peers has surely set him in the right direction. Now, Marshmello makes an even bigger impact on the music industry by getting the attention of pop stars Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato.

July 1 was the stop in Sunrise, Florida on Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ tour where Marshmello opened for them, and he made an incredible impression. The whole thing apparently happened by coincidence, but marshmello took full advantage of the situation. Premiering his new track ‘Ritual‘ with Wrabel, he even says in a tweet “[This is] honestly my favorite song I’ve ever made” , and generally when a DJ says that, it ends up being a pretty huge hit. Check out the tweet below and stay tuned for Marshmello to play out ‘Ritual’ in his future sets!