Feed Me- Feed Me’s Family Reunion EP

Jon Gooch is a legendary figure in electronic music, the brilliant mind behind both Feed Me and Spor. Just one month ago, he dropped his five track “Black Eyed EP” under his drum and bass alias Spor. This was the most recent in a string of releases for Spor, as he also dropped the “Darkest Hours EP” and “Caligo” LP in just the past year. While this impressive display of proficiency would be more than enough for even the most greedy of fan bases, Jon Gooch simply never stops working. Last year, he released his exhilarating four track EP titled, “A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo.” Now, he is back yet again with another EP called “Feed Me’s Family Reunion.”

Feed Me’s newest eight track project demonstrates his unique production style across a versatile range of tracks. The EP boldly traverses the musical spectrum, going from the uplifting and melodic “What It Feels Like” to the aggressive dubstep banger “Red Clouds (Serious Ting).” Feed Me’s immersive cinematic style pervades throughout the EP, most notably on the epic introductory track, “High Speed Weekend Survivor.” This song perfectly begins this mind-bending voyage, which culminates with the entrancingly beautiful moombahton track, “Life Raft.”

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