DVBBS Dropped From Sziget Festival Lineup

Canadian duo DVBBS has been making headlines around the world, but not exactly in the way they want to. At Balaton Sound on Thursday night, following their performance, 3 girls were found unconscious in the duo’s dressing room. There has been no conclusion drawn by the police yet, as they are still investigating.

In light of the allegations against the artists, Sziget Festival has now removed them from their roster. We can only imagine how many more shows and festivals will follow suit by banning the duo from future performances. News like this could effectively ruin their careers forever, so fans of the pair are crossing fingers that the allegations aren’t true. Balafon Sound recently addressed the incident and you can read the full statement below.

Read the full statement below:

Dear Visitors,
As you have certainly heard of, on 9 July, Saturday, at Balaton Sound, in the backstage of the venue’s mainstage a number of people invited by DVBBS became sick under undignified circumstances which are still to be cleared. They needed medical attention and some of them were hospitalized. They were found by our staff after DVBBS had left the venue. (It is important to note that the backstage is a closed area and may only be accessed by the organizers, the performers, and their guests.)
Both as organizers and human beings we find it inacceptable that such a situation could have occurred. As a consequence, we cancelled DVBBS’s upcoming show at Sziget Festival.
The site where the events had taken place was examined by the police and some of the people present gave testimonies as witnesses. According to today’s police inquiry, an investigation is in progress against unknown person for the suspicion of sexual violence.
During the last couple of days there were a great quantity of news, opinion, and speculation in the press and social media in connection with the case, while on the other hand, the clarification of the facts is still in progress. All this confirms our belief that DVBBS’s performance at Sziget Festival in August cannot be undertaken. Needless to say, the cancellation is not to be (and cannot be) interpreted as a judgement in the question of the performers’ legal responsibility for the incident, because the legal clarification of the events exclusively belongs to the competency of the police.
With regard to the official proceedings we shall not make further comments on the events publicly, however we felt it important to share the above information with you and the general public.
Our thoughts are with the girls, we wish them quick recovery!
With love, the organizers of Balaton Sound