Cade Releases Brooding New Single, “Care”



Cade – Care

Songwriter/producer Cade is building himself up for the big-time. The 19-year-old, Florida-native recently moved to Los Angeles, and now he’s hard at work finishing his upcoming debut EP, Care. His musical prowess has grown tremendously since he began producing, and he’s ready to deliver his talents to the world. Adding to the excitement, he will also be playing his first-ever live performance in Los Angeles at the El Rey on July 7th as a secret guest for Ramzoid.

Cade manages to captivate his listeners by blending R&B and dance music, and with the help from his good friend/roommate Trevor Dahl, one of the members of Cheat Codes, the two artists were recently able to create a groovy, mid-tempo gem that will hit you right in the feels. “Care” eases in with animated vocal splices, eventually leading into the track’s pining lyricism, soulful guitar strums, and layered iridescent synths. The single acts as the perfect first release from Cade’s new EP, which is set to be released within the next month.

‘Care’ is so cool to me because it mixes the emotion of R&B music with the dynamic elements of electronic dance music, creating a fresh sound that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

I worked on this song with my good friend, Trevor Dahl, who you may know from Cheat Codes. I always love working with him, because I feel that we have a very similar mindset when it comes to making music; so we work very well together creatively. I have so much respect for Trevor – both as an artist and as a person. Everything he touches turns to gold.” – Cade

You can stream the track below or on Spotify/Apple here.