Breaking: Brussels Bomb Scare Ahead of National Holiday and Festival Weekend

Tensions are running high in Europe with Islamist terror attacks become all too commonplace in recent months. When these things happen many dance music fans let their thoughts drift to fears for Tomorrowland in Belgium. Despite increased security measures, including metal detectors, people can’t help but feel a bit nervous.

Fatima Zibouh

Unfortunately, the anxiety might be well placed as today Brussels is dealing with a bomb scare and a stand-off. The police received a call about a man acting suspiciously wearing a heavy winter coat in the middle of Summer. There were wires coming out of the coat, leading to a heavy police operation. Evidence has mounted that the suspect is a student studying radioactive material, but police say the situation is under control.

Besides Tomorrowland this weekend, it its Belgium’s National Day Tomorrow which makes the situation even more fearful. We remember how France was similarly attacked on a day of national celebration. We will continue to monitor this breaking news, but this should be a stark reminder to all Tomorrowland attendees to remain extremely vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all time this weekend.


Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported: “The police operation in the area around the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels is a false alarm. Police had closed off the area after a suspicious man was spotted in the area.”
Local newspaper DH reported that the man was “studying radio waves” and that was why he had “wires” attached to his coat.

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Source: BBC News