Andrew Bayer Scores Chasing Niagara Documentary

If you’ve ever taken a good listen to the music of Anjunabeats’ Andrew Bayer, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that he was enlisted to produce grandiose, awe-inspiring music for the July  documentary film Chasing Niagara. A documentary about pushing our limits as humans and exploring what many people believe to be impossible, this film follows the story of Rush SturgesRafa Ortiz and company. Their attempt to kayak down Niagara Falls and all of the trials that they have faced are portrayed in a thrilling film that they hope will inspire others to follow their dreams and become super humans. After seeing the film, Bayer was moved to produce the score for the movie by using both old songs and creating new ones. The trailer features a new piece “Particles” that is part of more to come. Produced by Red Bull Media House Films and River Roots, Chasing Niagara will be out in select theaters this July. Check it out below.