“Put Your Hands Up for Detroit” Turns a Decade Old Today

Today, Fedde Le Grand is celebrating the ten year anniversary of his most iconic release, “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit.” This track was originally released on Le Grand’s own Flamingo Recordings, and instantly earned the status of a dance floor anthem through reaching #1 on the 2006 Uk Dance Chart for several consecutive months.

This song is extremely significant in the larger picture of electronic music because it is one of the first electronic dance music songs to gain widespread commercial support. This iconic song came before, and paved the way for many of today biggest EDM hits such as Strobe, GreyhoundScary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and a host of others. To put it simply, when this song was released, Tiesto was still producing trance, and had yet to make the jump to more commercial house, soon to be dubbed “EDM.”

This song was extremely prevalent on dance floors around the world for years after its release. It was constantly on rotation for artists such as Calvin Harris, and dominated dance floors well past 2011.

A huge shout out is in order to Fedde Le Grand for daring to be different back in 2006, because through his creative vision, created a truly lasting work, which shaped the face of the world of electronic music as we know it.