Tiesto Announces Six Hour Set for Amsterdam Dance Festival

Some say that playing an extended set gives an artist the chance to “tell a story” over the course of the night.  They’re mainly played by deep house, tech house, or trance artists.  Now, Tiesto has just announced that he will be playing a full six hour set at this years Amsterdam Music Festival.  Wait.. What year is it again?  Yup, it’s still 2016 and Tiesto still has drifted far away from the trance realm where marathon sets are commonplace.  Can anyone even imagine what this set will consist of?

Hopefully, for Tiesto fans, he will follow the ways of those DJs that prefer playing extended sets and tell a story by playing a bunch of throwbacks. This provides an interesting opportunity for Tiesto to showcase his many musical reinventions, from trance to electro and uplifting progressive house to big room and leading to today’s future and deep house. Will this finally be the set that pleases the Tiesto naysayers? Only time will tell.